Getting started with Blink X
Here is our step-by-step guide tailored for those starting with Blink X for the first time. You will be taken through steps and learn the core concepts you need to know to:
Create a project and content pages from Visual Builder
Create audience segments using content forms
Build or connect digital storefront and manage products
Completing the whole thing should take you roughly 20 minutes. If you're a pro, install our SDK and start building!
Already have a project started? Here's what to do next
What do I need to know
You don’t strictly need to know any of these. With the Blink X Platform there is usually more than one way to achieve your goals. Once you get use to the interface, it will be easier to follow along, and to continue editing with the Blink X Visual Builder.

HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Admittedly, you could probably make it through this section without any pre-existing knowledge of these languages, but it will be a lot easier if you understand the basic concepts as Blink X implemented using modern web standards.


In order to build projects with the content from Blink X, you need to learn how to build against (HTTP) APIs. Learn about using APIs.
Updated on May 15th, 2022